The Attic tells a story of a little girl named Macy who wishes to overcome her fears and find her courage. Macy is forced to face her fears when she is woken by strange noises coming from the attic above her room. The three ghosts Macy encounters during her adventure represent three of the five main fears that make up the span of human phobias. As explained by Dr. Karl Albrecht, we as humans deal with 5 main types of fears – The fear of extinction, mutilation, separation, and ego-death. I wanted Macy’s journey into the attic to be a learning experience about the spectrums of fear and what it means to be brave.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, iPad Pro, Adobe Draw, Audition, Ceros

Voice Actors

Griffin Paschall


Lieutenant Motley Douglas

Mikayla Cohen

Marguerite Margery

Daniel G. Casker

Sir. Thomas Copeland II

Claire Hanlon


 Diani Teixeira